New York City Real Estate: This Stupid-Expensive Apartment Sucks!

by Gorman
worst apartment cover

Hold onto your britches, men, because this apartment absolutely blows! It’s in New York (obviously) and it costs a whopping 1650 a month. GTFO. Tiktok user newyorkcityrealtor shared the puny apartment during two deeply depressing videos. You have to see it to believe it.

The apartment is in the West Village, a very pricey and highly sought after neighborhood in the city that made musical theater a big thing. It honestly seems like a dormitory, but we’ll have to take this guy’s word that it’s an actual legitimate apartment building.

“People ask me ‘what is the worst apartment you have ever seen?’ I’m gonna show you.”

“And before you ask, yes this is a real apartment.”

“This is what $1650 gets you in the most desired neighborhood in New York City.”

“Zero oven, one mini-fridge, no stove.”

“And only one singular closet”

Part two is even more insulting

Welcome back to the dumbest apartment ever!

The road to perdition (the bathroom)

Only the snazziest apartments in New York City require a key to enter!

“Here is the toilet. It is shared by the entire complex.”

“If you want to take a shower, you’re going to have to cross to the other part of the hallway.”

Living in the lap of disgusting luxury!

If you want to see the full videos they’re linked here and here. If you want to read some more men’s humor viral absurdity click here!