Next GameStop? NASA Wants To Get Rich By Harvesting An Asteroid

by TheDuder95

Apparently NASA has been reading GameStop news lately. It appears that the space agency is attempting to also get rich, but by harvesting an asteroid in space. The giant rock is worth more than 75,000 times Planet Earth’s global economy.

Sounds like NASA got jealous of all the folks cashing in on GameStop stock and decided they wanted to make a buck for themselves. Can’t blame them!

GameStop ain’t nothing!

NASA’s daring mission to the asteroid, currently called 16 Psyche, is getting ready to launch. The space agency announced recently that they are just 18 months away from launching a spacecraft to explore the massive rock. The asteroid, which is made of mostly iron and nickel, is possibly worth $10,000 Quadrillion if mined.

Yes you heard that right. We don’t even know how much money that really is, but The World Bank valued the world economy at $133 trillion in 2019. 16 Psyche is potentially worth 75,000 times more than that! NASA apparently wants to explore the rock, figure out how old it is, and whether it’s the core of an early planet.

NASA as soon as they hear there’s money to be made in space [Via Giphy]

They also clearly want to make a quick buck mining all those natural resources. They saw all the GameStop news and thought they could get in on some action too. Get it, NASA!

While Psyche 16 potentially has a plethora of valuable natural resources just waiting to be snatched up, NASA claims they are more focused on learning about the rock’s formation more than anything else. Yeah, sure NASA. Like we really believe that!

Apparently NASA believes that you’ve got to spend money to make money. The project that could send a ship almost 230 million miles to Psyche 16 is going to cost the agency almost $1 billion dollars. That seems like a small price to pay when you could colonize a moon rock worth way more than the entire global economy.

Only once NASA gets to the rock will it know for sure if it’s truly that valuable. But hey, high risk / high reward right? Scared money don’t make money!

Despite the huge price tag on the project, folks on social media seem pretty supportive even if they aren’t going to necessarily cash in themselves.

Look out WallStreetBets, NASA is here to take the crown. Only time will tell if this will work out for NASA.

We only wish we could buy stock in them.