No That’s Not A Fire, It’s Just A Restaurant Making 10,000 Wings

by TheDuder95

North Carolina firefighters geared up last weekend for what they thought was going to be a battle against a massive fire. When they arrived at the scene of the supposed blaze, turns out it was just a restaurant going hard in the paint making 10,000 wings for Super Bowl Sunday!

Who was this restaurant cooking for? Some kind of wing eating contest? That’s an insane amount of wings.

Fire? Nope. Just cooking 10,000 wings. Nothing to see here!

Workers at Ronni’s Pizza in Clemmons, N.C., said that a motorist called the department after seeing a plume of smoke coming from the restaurant. Within just a short amount of time, the Lewisville Fire Department arrived on the scene.

After assessing the situation, the local department later clarified publicly that the restaurant wasn’t actually on fire. Staff were just dealing with a crazy huge order of chicken wings and the restaurant’s exhaust fans were working overtime. “We are very fortunate that this was the outcome. Everyone be safe and enjoy the big game,” the fire department said in a statement.

The restaurant addressed the incident on their Facebook page shortly after.


We can’t even possibly fathom what 10,000 chicken wings even look like. We’re just glad that everything turned out alright for everyone involved and that there wasn’t actually a fire.

Hopefully the chicken wings were good too. Guessing they were pretty smokey.