Non-Standard McDonald’s Locations


The golden arches. French fry smell. Hamburger grease. It’s just so good to be at McDonald’s, and all men know it. What a wonderful feeling! Unfortunately, not all McDonald’s look normal. Fair warning, the below images of Non-Standard McDonald’s may freak you out if you are not prepared! Thanks to Twitter user @NonStandardMcD, you now must look on them.

Brace yourself, Big Mac Boys!

Tiny McDonald’s

What is this?! A McDonald’s for ants?! (Remember Zoolander, by the way?)

Actually it looks a like a McDonald’s for bees. As you can see on the right, bees hover around the tiny Mickey D’s, giving you a sense of scale. Pretty insane and not very practical. That’s a tiny McDonald’s for you!

Airplane McDonald’s

Every man’s dream is to be in the Mile High club with Ronald McDonald. Groin area just absolutely smothered with clown makeup. Big Mac in hand, Ron’s little red afro bobbing up and down on your lap as you eat your hamburger on the airplane toilet.

Did you know that it is not a dream, but a reality in Taupo, New Zealand? In fact, Airplane McDonald’s was named World’s Coolest McDonald’s in 2013.

Dallas Zoo McDonald’s

One hand on the hamburger. Your other hand on a big giraffe. Ron’s little red afro bobbing up and down on your lap. This is every man’s dream! And it’s possible at Dallas Zoo McDonald’s.

Dinosaur McDonald’s

This dinosaur McDonald’s in Tucson, Arizona takes your hamburger location back to the jurassic age! Just imagine it. One hand on the hamburger. Your finger touching the big T-Rex. Ron’s little afro bobbing rapidly up and down on your groin. Um, yeah, we’re going to fake a few sick days to go check this one out.


There better be drive-thru chairlift at McSki! The icy wind on your face. Your skis dangling above a black diamond trail below you as you ride the chairlift up the mountain. Ron’s little red afro bobbing up and down in your lap, and he’s not dressed for the winter at all, all but ensuring he’s going to get frostbite all over his clown body. What a McDonald’s, folks. What a McDonald’s.

Space McDonald’s

“One small leap for man. A big leap for McDonald’s Fans.” – Neil Arms, astronaut

“One hand on the moon. One hand on the American flag. Ron’s little red afro bobbing up and down inside the groin area of my spacesuit. This is space done right.” – Buzz Aldrin, on what it was like on the moon

Wild West McDonald’s

Do we got your spurs spinning now? Old West McDonald’s was in Davie, Florida. And boy did it get the imagination running.

One hand on your pistol. One hand on your horse. Your eyes on the sheriff, who is in a Mexican stand off with you just down the road. Ron’s little red afro vigorously bobbing up and down underneath your horse, just going to town on that steed, getting his white makeup everywhere.

Well, there you have it. We cannot wait to find a Non-Standard McDonald’s one day and hook up with Ronald himself!

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Barstow, CA USA

Derek Bruff, Flickr //CC BY-NC 2.0

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