Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Woman Breaks Guinness World Record For Hula Hooping With Her Ass

by Gorman
Hoop dat ass

AMERICA – During these unprecedented times, heroes are desperately needed to provide hope and hard-won victories. This is especially true of Hula hoop expert Andrea M, who recently broke the Guinness world record for most hula hoop rotations around one’s ass in three minutes, according to the New York Post. Andrea clocked in at 400 hula hoop roundies on her butt. That’s no small cause for celebration.

Andrea is truly going above and beyond the call of booty. Though she now lives in the U.K. instead of the U.S., her sacrifice makes her an honorary American patriot. She literally put her ass on the line for this.

Armed with little more than what appear to be a pair of solar system themed leggings, Andrea dared to live her dream. The world record for ass hula hooping was previously 180 rotations. Andrea could have slacked off and probably set this record with far fewer hula hoop rotations. Nevertheless, she endured a full 400. We salute you, Andrea.

According to the Guinness World Record website, Andrea M attempted this record “to expand the areas of growth and moments of joy that she has experienced along her journey with hula hoop dancing.” Okey dokey.

It’s certainly a fun way to stay fit and snag 15 minutes of fame. Hopefully her record will inspire others to burn calories in new way.

Paving The Way For Other World Record Breakers

This moment is momentous, but it’s also inspiring. We have a few more fun suggestions for records one could and should break with their ass.

-Most light switches turned on and off with one’s ass.

-Biggest chocolate cake baked by an ass.

-Most consecutive weeks sitting on your ass.

-Largest ass in general.

-Smallest ass in general.

-Most times mentioning an ass in a single article.

We think what Andrea M has done is truly wonderful. She set a goal, she set out to achieve it and then she set a record. Bravo! Most people never accomplish so much with their own two hands. Our asses are truly pathetic.

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