OnlyFans For Goats? UK Farm Made A Fortune Letting People Rent Goats For Zoom Calls

by TheDuder95
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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wage across the world, people from all walks of life are turning to services like OnlyFans to make their economic ends meet. While millions are out of work and looking to supplement their income, one farm in the United Kingdom has found success in a way they never thought would happen. They’ve made a fortune hiring out their goats for appearances on Zoom calls.

This is basically just an OnlyFans but for people who love goats. It’s a little weird but hey who are we to judge? Get that paper!

OnlyFans but for goat lovers???

UK farmer Dot McCarthy, who inherited Cronkshaw Fold Farm from her family, said that the revenue generated from the Zoom “goat shows” has allowed her to keep staff working during the pandemic. While the farm normally hosts weddings and other events to supplement their income, those bookings have been shutdown because of the pandemic.

McCarthy found herself trying to come up with alternative ways to keep the farm afloat. She jokingly thought of renting out her goats to businesses and other organizations looking to add a little bit of levity to their daily meetings. The service requires people pay £5 to hire a goat, who then joins a scheduled meeting via Zoom calls with a little help from farm staff. So far the farm has made over $60,000 USD!

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Sounds like UK business people are some goat freaks! Everybody needs a little something to help them get through these difficult times. This is a judgement free zone!

McCarthy said she initially put the goat Zoom call offering on her farm’s website to “give people a laugh” in April 2020. The day after the listing went up she claims she “woke up to 200 emails,” requesting get goats’ presence on calls.

Her goats have now appeared in virtual meetings all over the world, including in the US, Russia, China and Australia. Some goat lovers have even donated far more than the £5 charge for an appearance. She’s also allowed a particular family to book one goat in particular every weekend for a longer catchup call.

Damn. People really love goats, don’t they? Based on the reaction from folks on social media, that certainly appears to be the case.

We just hope those goats are getting their fair share of the revenue. They could definitely use a new bone or some hay or whatever it is that goats eat.

For folks who are into this sort of thing…keep doing you! It’s all good!