Parents Of Teenagers Can Unite In Shared Joy/Misery Over These Memes

by Gorman

Teens are literally the worst kind of human being in the world. They’re not inherently bad, one day they will bloom into something much better! But when teenagers are teenagers they are the worst and no one knows this better than their parents.

1. Empty Nest

Let the celebration begin! Your child has exited your establishment!

2. Waste Management


Don’t forget all the valuable real estate outside his room! Like the living room! Or the front lawn!

3. Dating

To be fair, the above image would be true for a teenager in 2002.

4. Home Alone

Travis Bone

Something is broken or someone is dead.

5. 90s Kids Will Relate

Music is a teenager’s love language.

6. Teens Are Stinky

Lady Lawya

They draw the line at 580, though. That’s simply obscene.

7. Claws

You may be allergic to cats, but if you have a teenager, you have a cat.

8. Communication Matters

Housewife Of Hell

Making progress!

9. They Have No Idea Who They’re Dealing With

You could have sworn you saw them here somewhere.

10. They’re Still Learning

Stephanie Ortiz

Being a good parents means accepting your children for who they are.

11. They’re Heroes In Their Own Right

You gotta hand it to them…they’re bold.

12. Growing Teens Need Food

Sarcastic Mommy

On the bright side, no spoiled food.

13. Teens Stand Bad

They look cool as hell, but this stance is a one way ticket to scoliosis town. Beep beep!

14. Dabbing Is For EVERYONE


GOOD. Parents will NEVER stop dabbing.

15. It Doesn’t Take Much

Maybe a new world record?

16. Sometimes It’s Best To Numb Out

They eat all the food, you drink all the wine. Seems like a fair deal to us.

There you have it! The truth is, you will always love your children no matter what…but when they’re teenagers it’s the closest you’ll get to completely hating them.

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