PC Culture Run Amok: A Stalin Themed Cafe In Moscow Has Been Forced To Close

by Mad Dog

MOSCOW, RUSSIA—Stalin heads, beware! This story is about to make you sad as all hell. Apparently, a shawarma shop in Moscow was forced to close a day after it opened because people were upset about its Josef Stalin themed branding, the shop owners told Reuters this morning.

The spinning meat shop really pulled out all of the stops too. They featured a portrait of Josef Stalin above their front door, and the employees of the food restaurant even made their employees wear Stalin-era security service uniforms as they served customers meat wraps named after former Soviet Russian leaders. That is, until the Social Justice Warriors struck.

Yep, they ruined this awesome restaurant just like they ruined the great country of America.

“We fully opened the day before yesterday and served around 200 customers,” shop owner Stanislav Voltman said. “There were no legal reasons (to close the shop),” he added, but said that police had forced him to remove the Stalin sign and then “colossal pressure” from local authorities forced him to shut completely.

And where did that pressure come from, you might be wondering? Yep. You guessed it. The monsters on social media who were demanding that the amazing and cool restaurant be shut down. Commenters on the popular social media apps Twitter and Facebook called the restaurant’s theme “distasteful.”

Well, we at Men’s Humor think that is complete and utter bullshit. We want more Stalin themed restaurants, and we want more themed restaurants in general. What about a taco shop that is themed like Barack Hussein Obama. Or a frozen yogurt shack with a John Goodman theme. We’d go absolutely ape shit if there was a tapas restaurant that had pictures of Mickey Mouse and Goofy and Pluto everywhere. Damn, that sounds good as hell. Sound off in the comments with what restaurant themes you would like to see!