WATCH: Pool Fart!

by Staff Writer
girl at pool

The fine people at RocketJump, which seems to have stopped production two years ago, bring you Pool Fart.

This is no ordinary pool fart. This is the tale of a pool fart with enormous consequences. Your imagination would run wild as a middle school kid with what the fallout would be of getting a little bit of brown in the water. Life would be over… life would truly be over.

Take a look:

The brilliance of this piece is that it taps into any guy’s primal fear. Our unknowing protagonist, after having meat loaf for lunch, was somehow unaware of any normal boy’s deep fear of muddying a pool. Most guys have an insticnt about keeping themselves a little bit extra clinched while in the deep end.

We’d also like to shout out the use of puns in the final sequence. A good string of like five or six solid, beefy puns are ripped off in succession. Not including the visual pun gags used as apocalyptic graffiti.

Glorious stuff. Bravo.

If you liked this pool far, you might also get a kick out of Girl Attempts Handstand, Rips Whoopsie-Beefer in Boyfriend’s Face proving again that farts are funny.