Pope Pets Are Among Us And They Come To Heal This Scorched Earth

by Gorman
Cat pope collage

There is no better proof of a good and loving God than the blessed creatures he created to give us companionship. Dogs and cats are the most convincing evidence of a divine creator. For that reason, it is absolutely vital we show them the respect and reverence they deserve. A bunch of people on the internet decided to put shoes (mostly crocs) and other garbage on their pet’s heads to make them look like the Pope. It’s hilarious as well as a gift to the Lord our God, ruler of the universe.

1. The Meme, The Glory, The Pope


The meme that started it all. This fluffer is an absolute unit. His tithings have been plenty.

2. Anoint Me, Kitty


Caught in the act of being a vessel of God!

3. The Croc Of God


Fear him and praise him.

4. The Evil Eye


It is the eye that wards away evil.

5. The Young Pope


Jude Law better watch his back!

6. His Holiness

Fear and love them!

Because look at all the holes in those crocs!

7. Holy Father, Bless Us


Forgive me Kitty, for I have sinned

8. Pope Pride


Hail Kitty

9. The Best


This cat straight up looks like the pope.

10. Chill Pope


Maybe this doggo wasn’t cut for the cloth, ya know?

11. A Pup Of God


Terrified of this pope dog.

12. Garish Indulgences


Old school.

13. Struck By The Light Of The Lord


Just looking at this sweet doggo, you can tell he has been absolutely gobsmacked by Christ.

There you have it! What CAN’T the internet do!? Want more hilarious pet news? We know you do! Click here!