Real Life Tom Hanks? This Man Lived In An Airport For Three Months

by TheDuder95

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Here’s a dose of weird news for Tom Hanks fans. Authorities in Chicago announced that they arrested a man who allegedly lived inside of O’Hare airport…for three months.

This guy must be a Tom Hanks superfan because this sounds exactly like the plot of the 2004 film The Terminal!

Aditya Singh, 36, was arrested on Saturday after airline staff asked him to produce his identification and he used the lost badge. Local police stated that he allegedly used discarded airport worker credentials to hide out in employee only zones of O’Hare.

Police say Mr. Singh arrived on a flight from Los Angeles to O’Hare International Airport in October. After his arrest, he claimed that he was afraid to fly back home due to fears over contracting COVID 19. Despite this, he somehow lived undetected in a public space for three months.

He apparently survived on handouts from other passengers while living in the airport. Hmmm sound familiar to anyone?

Damn. We know that Tom Hanks is really popular but to live in an airport for three months as a tribute to a film that critics didn’t like? That goes above and beyond.

Three months? Not even the real Tom Hanks could do that!

All jokes aside, Singh’s legal situation is no laughing matter. Police officially charged him with felony criminal trespass to a restricted area of an airport and misdemeanor theft. Fortunately for him, authorities are not treating the case as a security threat.

“While this incident remains under investigation, we have been able to determine that this gentleman did not pose a security risk to the airport or to the travelling public,” said the Chicago Department of Aviation in a statement.

Singh’s predicament is a sad one and we feel for him. It’s unclear why he went to such drastic measures. According to his friends, Singh was in the process of returning to his home in India. Those who know him describe him as “very gentle soul” who would often volunteered helping the homeless.

The Internet had a lot to say about the odd situation on Twitter:

We can only hope that this man figures out his legal situation and safely gets back home.

No one deserves to have to go through what Tom Hanks’ character went through in The Terminal. That’s for sure.