Rejoice! Humans Bred A New Dog That’s Cuter Than Most Children!

by TheDuder95

You’re going to want to be sitting down when you hear this news, because guess what? THERE’S A NEW DOG!

You heard that right Men’s Humor fans. We just got a much needed dose of good news to start us off for the year. There’s a new dog on the block. It’s called the Biewer…and it is spectacular. Feast your eyes on this one of a kind gem!

Fizzy, a Biewer Terrier at the Brevard Kennel Club AKC B match at Fox Lake Park in Titusville.The practice event included a junior dog training clinic, Junior Showmanship and Breeds Showmanship. Brevard Kennel Club Akc B Match N13

Okay so the Biewer (pronounced like “beaver”) is not technically a brand new dog breed – but it was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club on Monday, making it the 197th dog breed to be classified by the organization since it was founded in 1884. This means that the Biewer is now eligible to compete for “Best in Show” at U.S. dog competitions, including the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show.

Let’s gooooo baby! Sit the fuck down, Siba the Poodle; 2021 is the year of the Biewer and it’s coming for your crown at the next Westminster dog show!

According to the Biewer Terrier Registry of America, the first documented Biewer was born on January 20, 1984 after being developed by a German couple who bred Yorkshire terriers instead of having children. Their first Biewer puppy was named “Schneeflockchen von Friedheck” and it carried the distinct black, white and tan markings that separate it from classic Yorkshire Terriers that we all know and love.

Where all the Schneeflockchen von Friedheck fans at? Let’s get this paper fam!

Biewers are known for being intelligent, devoted, and amusing; often seeking companionship and affection from their owners. Once you get over the fact that these happy-go-lucky dogs kind of have a “can I speak to the manager” style of haircut, you’ll see that the Biewer has a lot to offer despite only weighing less than 10 pounds.

“The Biewer Terrier is an elegant, longhaired, tri-colored toy terrier whose only purpose in life is to love and be loved,” says The American Kennel Club, adding that they “maintain a charming, whimsical attitude well into adulthood. Carrying around a toy or two is not surprising.”

No that’s not surprising, American Kennel Club. In fact, it’s amazing!

On behalf of the entire Men’s Humor community, we’d like to congratulate the Biewer terrier on this monumental achievement. This is a classic case of humans playing God where it paid off big-time. We’ll definitely be rooting for them from our couches during the Westminster Kennel Club show this June!

If you are interested in potentially adopting one of these cuddly cuties, check out the Biewer Terrier Rescue Association’s website to see if there’s a pup in your area that needs a new home.