Remember When This Middle School Band Did A Horrible Weezer Cover?

by TheDuder95

There are plenty of cover songs out there on the Internet. Scan YouTube for a few minutes and you’ll find plenty. Bands are constantly finding fun ways to pay homage to their favorite tunes or artists by putting their own spin on the classics. Unfortunately, not all cover songs are created equal.

This old viral video that you might remember proves it.

Somebody get these kids their own YouTube channel. We want to see more from them.

While this viral video is now a few years old, that hasn’t stopped it from living rent free in our heads ever since it was first uploaded. It’s just an incredibly perfect encapsulation of the awkwardness of adolescence. What makes it even funnier is that they are trying to cover Weezer: a band known for basically being the official soundtrack of shy, lonely dudes.

Everything about this cover is so perfect. The bassist has a broken pinky finger. They are all wearing the average middle school clothes, some of them even have hats on. The guitarist puts his knee up to see the guitar strings. There’s a keyboard in a song that doesn’t need keyboard. It’s beautiful.

This cover song is horrible but we love it

“Undone – The Sweater Song” is probably one of Weezer’s most iconic songs. Even though it probably came out before these kids were even born, the fact that they chose to cover it shows how timeless the song is. Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo stated that the song is meant to encompass “the feeling you get when the train stops and the little guy comes knockin’ on your door. It was supposed to be a sad song, but everyone thinks it’s hilarious.”

We have no idea what that even means but the song is really catchy.

Even though the kids’ first attempt at covering the well-known Weezer song was a total flop, they managed to redeem themselves. A lot of people probably do not know this, but once the kids got their shit back together they performed a seamless cover for an audience of adoring fans. Check it out.

This cover is so average that it’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. It’s inspiring that they were able to pick themselves up and knock this song out after being embarrassed in front of their peers.

That’s a middle-school bonding experience unlike any other. Truly a beautiful lesson in overcoming adversity. We hope this group is still making below average music to this very day.