Ryan Reynolds Made A Naughty Joke On ‘Sesame Street’ That You’ll Have To Explain To Your Kids

by TheDuder95

Actor/funnyman/gin maker Ryan Reynolds tweeted out a hilarious story about a cameo he made a few years back while on Sesame Street and it set the whole internet ablaze. Parents: you’re going to have to make sure your kids aren’t looking over your shoulder while you read this.

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It all started the other day when a parent who was watching an old episode of Sesame Street with their child spotted Reynolds. She tweeted a hilarious photo of Reynolds dresses up as the letter A for a song about the alphabet. It could have just been the moment that was screengrabbed, but Reynolds truly did not look like he was having a good time.

Turns out he wasn’t. Reynolds soon shared a hilarious BTS factoid that had everyone riled up. Classic Ryan.

Whoa Ryan Reynolds really is like Deadpool after all. Moms and dads are going to have a tough time explaining this joke to their children some day. Guess that just comes with the territory of being a parent!

Ryan Reynolds said what?!

“I remember how challenging it was to sing because the A-hole was so tight,” Reynolds fondly shared via his popular Twitter account. “But I pushed through because kids all over the country were counting on me.” Reynolds really is a trooper. Parents around the world should be thanking him for his dedication, even if they are upset about having to explain to their kids what a-holes are.

Obviously Twitter had some hilarious responses to Reynolds, because of course.

Shoutout to Ryan for being so dedicated to his craft. Guess those years of method acting really rubbed off on him!

The world could use more people like Ryan Reynolds. He’s not only providing essential entertainment to children, but also making their parents laugh as well. We stan a legendary a-hole.