Shaq Falling Is The Funniest Moment Ever Caught On Live TV

by TheDuder95
Shaq falling

It’s been a few years since NBA legend and TNT commentator Shaq accidentally fell out of his chair during a live broadcast. It will certainly live on as one of the most iconic TV moments of all time. Take a few minutes out of your day to relive the moment. You’ll be glad you did.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a 7-foot-tall man weighing over 300 pounds fall on his ass on live TV. This is a moment that will truly live in infamy for eternity.

Shaq went boom!

It seems like Shaq was in the middle of trying to beat fellow NBA analyst Kenny Smith to the huge studio TV set up to analyze plays. We don’t know why Shaq decided to quickly get up to run to the monitor. We are really glad he did, though.

Almost immediately the former NBA star fell to the ground in a huge thud. He got tangled in some kind of electric cord and the rest was history. Even though we are rewatching the moment on YouTube, we can still feel that incredibly loud crashing in our hearts. There’s never been anything quite like this on TV since then. It’s very unlikely that anything will ever top it.

Shaq may have been known for crashing the boards, but he fell victim to a different kind of slam dunk on that day. For that we are incredibly grateful.

It’s rare for such an uncoordinated mistake to happen in the first place, let alone for it to be broadcast on live television. The whole camera crew for NBA on TNT deserves an award for catching the moment in multiple different angles. Without them we wouldn’t have ever been able to witness such a wild moment.

We are glad Shaq was okay, but come on, you have to just laugh at this sort of thing.