“She’s 25”: What You Need To Know About Courtside Karen VS. LeBron

by Tim K
courtside karen

If you’re just now hopping online for the first time since last night, you’ve got a LOT of catching up to do: LeBron James is now in some kind of insane feud with a woman he’s dubbed Courtside Karen, who was heckling him at last night’s Lakers game.

Those are essentially the bare bones. Got it? Okay, sweet. Because from here on out, the (HILARIOUS) details pile up quickly.

Okay, What Happened With This Courtside Karen?

During last night’s Lakers-Hawks game, a strange blonde woman sitting courtside (with no mask on for some reason? Very confusing that she was even there?) started talking all kinds of shit to LeBron. It was a pretty wild scene, which you can watch below.

Postgame, LeBron handled the whole situation like a class act.

That is, until he got his hands on his phone… To rip this BRUTAL tweet…

And, of course, what’s a good beef without hearing BOTH sides of the story?

Needless to say, Twitter pretty much eviscerated this entitled-ass lady IMMEDIATELY with the hashtag #courtsidekaren:

And for as great as those slams were, they were only the tip of the iceberg…

But Twitter REALLY started popping off when everyone registered Karen said she was 25 (no one’s buying that shit!)

Not sure why she would even bring up her age.

aww… snap

Alright, looks like you’re all caught up!

For now, that is. Twitter still teeing off on this lady pretty hard, so if you wanna hop in on the action, go right ahead! And remember, you simply wouldn’t be prepared for all the fun if it weren’t for Men’s Humor. Thank you! Goodbye.

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