Should This Giant Turtle Be Humanity’s New Ruler? Probably

by TheDuder95

The Internet is no stranger to viral videos of incredible animals. It’s hard to go even one day without seeing one. While this is certainly the norm for folks online, it’s rare that human Internet browsers see a creature so incredible they adopt it as their ruler, let alone a turtle.

For one massive turtle featured in a recent viral video, that is certainly going to be the case. Check it out.

Holy shit. We’re ready to call it quits on human led civilizations. It’s time for the turtles to rule.

What’s the deal with these things?

Unfortunately it’s unclear where this viral video was actually taken. What is clear, however, is that the turtle featured in it is an absolute beast. The turtle in question appears to a member of the “leatherback” species. Leatherback turtles are the largest turtles on Earth. Some can grow to be 7 feet tall and on average weigh 2,000 pounds.

Leatherbacks are also incredible swimmers who can dive to depths of 4,2000 feet below sea level. They can also stay there for up to 85 minutes. Unlike most other reptiles, leatherbacks are able to maintain warm body temperatures in cold water as well.

A massive fucking leatherback turtle just looking to take over our world. [PHOTO: ID 6525289
 © Stephanie Rousseau |]

Jesus fucking Christ just let these things take over society already. We are not worthy fam!

According to National Geographic, “these reptilian relics are the only remaining representatives of a family of turtles that traces its evolutionary roots back more than 100 million years.” Unfortunately, leatherbacks are considered a vulnerable species due to human activity.

Their population seems to be getting better however, as some governments are taking it upon themselves to help the turtles reproduce. According to scientists, “leatherbacks undertake the longest migrations between breeding and feeding areas of any sea turtle, averaging 3,700 miles each way.” Makes sense that they would need a little assistance with bodies that big.

Do humans want leatherback turtles to rule over them?

It’s unclear. But we may not even have a choice. Even though they might be vulnerable, those things are fucking brutes! We ought to help them out now just to save ourselves down the road. Hopefully our new leaders will be kind to us.

As the video of that insanely large turtle started to make the rounds online, folks on social media were quick to react.

Holy shit. Humans might be winning the battle against these turtles right now, but there’s no way we are going to outlast them. These massive fuckers have been around FOREVER, and with the types of tank-like bodies they have it’s no wonder.

Bow the fuck down, Internet. Leatherback turtles will one day rule us.