Sleeping In Outer Space Looks Weird And Awful

by TheDuder95

There’s no shortage of outer space related news these days. From Elon Musk blasting off rockets into the stratosphere to updates on the Mars rovers, space lovers have plenty to read about right now. One thing missing from the current dialogue about the cosmos is this video about what it’s like to sleep in outer space.

It looks weird as hell.

This video is definitely interesting, but sleeping in outer space looks absolutely horrifying.

The video of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield‘s sleeping method went super viral when it came out a few years ago. This was at the height of digital content about the astronauts living in the International Space Station. We got to see plenty of videos about what life was like 250 miles above the Earth’s atmosphere. But this video about sleeping aboard the ship stuck with us.

Not only would the experience of sleeping without gravity be very weird, but having to sleep inside of a coffin-esque vessel would be absolutely nightmare inducing. We hope the astronauts aboard the ISS get to use sleeping pills, because it would take forever for us to get used to going to bed like that.

While it’s cool that astronauts get their very own computers in their strange little vessels, we get claustrophobic just looking at that setup. Imagine being trapped floating inside of a bag like that for 8 hours. Do you think you could fall asleep?

We definitely could not. Guess we won’t be traveling to outer space anytime soon.