Spelling Mistakes So Bad They Made Us Go “Huh?” Then “Ha!”

by Gorman
colon smell

Making fun of someone for their spelling is a very low blow indeed. Why do we care? Who knows, we just do! It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but a humorous grammar mistake or well timed autocorrect can really brighten up your day. Here are 10 hilarious spelling mistakes that made us go “huh?” Then “ha!”

No one makes gasoline like my mama.

Must have been a bloody battle. Hope he doesn’t have a glass jaw.

Kind of wish this wasn’t a spelling error and Flaming Yawn actually exists.

Only emo kids are into visual cemetary.

This might be a little too hard core for us.

It’s dumb, but honestly the penmanship is spot on!

Making out with this employee is worth the wait!

My grandma can crotch better than yours.

Hold onto that pillow tight, lady.

The only thing worse than a condescending washer is a condescending dryer!

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