Did Stephen A. Smith Forget How To Use Twitter Again?

by TheDuder95

ESPN commentator and rabble rouser Stephen A. Smith is no stranger to the spotlight. Whether it’s a hot sports take or a spat with a well-known athlete, Stephen A. Smith always makes headlines when he’s on TV. For fans of his social media presence, however, today was a banner day!

It appears the well-known First Take host has once again forgotten how to use Twitter.

Stephen you have to actually add the file to the tweet. You can’t just copy and paste the name of a file and expect it to work. We’ve been over this before!

Smith’s tweet is either an example of his technological ineptitude or it’s a genius promotion for his new ESPN talk-show Stephen A’s World. For folks unfamiliar with the latter, take a look at this iconic tweet from 2015:

May 26, 2015 is a day that still lives in infamy for social media users. Seemingly out of the blue, Stephen A. encouraged his followers “take a look y’all” with a link to a jpeg file that didn’t exist. Despite getting over 90k Retweets as well as write-ups online, the sports commentator still has no idea what the image was supposed to be.

“It was supposed to be a picture that came up and then it didn’t come up,” he told USA Today’s Nina Mandell in a 2018 interview. “I have no idea. I mean I … I really don’t know. I really don’t know,” he added. While Smith might not remember what photo he was going to tweet out, that didn’t stop him from addressing the infamous post.

Fans of Stephen A. Smith and iconic memes will wait with baited breath to learn what today’s tweet was all about. Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE: Stephen A. was in on the joke this time. It appears that his tweet yesterday was a promotion for his new ESPN talk show Stephen A’s World. Thank god it was that and not another example of a boomer struggling with technology.