Super Weird Photos That Will Make Your Brain Do A Double Take

by TheDuder95

You ever see something so weird that your brain automatically makes you stop and do a double take? If not, get ready to. These weird perspective-shifting images are going to make you scratch your head. That is, until your brain can figure out exactly what you are looking at. Take a seat and buckle in. Things are about to get a little strange.

Damn our brain is all messed up over this one. We almost called animal control on this giant thing. Take it to the pound!

Almost thought this was the horse head from that scene from The Godfather. There’s definitely some freaky stuff going on here.

Had to do a double take on this one. Straight up thought some Dragon Ball Z action was about to go down. We know Goku would never wear a face mask though.

Really thought we were looking at something from Harry Potter here. That two legged dog could be some kind of magical creature.

This gives the phrase “cock blocking” a whole new meaning, even if it is a seagull.

You would never be able to change lanes on this semi-truck.

Could this be a European fashion thing or are our eyes playing tricks on us? Definitely something going on here.

Do you even lift bro? Clearly not.

These dogs belong in a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum.

Cars are getting more and more advanced these days.

This risotto is camouflage but still takes hours to cook. Really messed up priorities. Some scientist needs to get on this one!

Bald guys have enough to deal with. Now they need to worry about other bald guy heads blending in with their head? That’s seriously a shame.

There’s no explanation for this. We’re also scratching our heads at this one.