30 Savage Examples Of Hilarious Revenge On Exes

by Staff Writer

Whoa there, hey buddy. Maybe take it down a notch. We understand your ex did you wrong… but this level of savagery is a bit much, don’t ya think? Ok, fine. Taking out brutal, savage revenge on exes is more common than you might think. But maybe it’s not for you.

Fine. If we can’t talk you out of your plan, Count of Monte Cristo, maybe we can warn you off with examples of what others did.

Here are a bunch of dysfunctional relationships drawn to their logical conclusions. We don’t recommend any of these methods but we couldn’t help but laugh a little at each of them. Don’t take notes, it’s not a blueprint.

1. Revenge can be the gift that keeps on giving

Adam Hunter

2. If you secretly find out first, maybe play it cool for a while


3. If you’re gonna cheat, maybe don’t drive a convertible

Not actually a convertible, ex was just angry enough to rip the top off


4. Petty… but no property damage to be charged with


5. Tough choices have to be made


6. Oh no! Not the glitter!

This video is just about the worst thing I can think of.


It’s not key his car in 2021.. no, it’s glitter his EVERYTHING 2021 #fyp #cheaters

♬ Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood

7. Just following the rules


8. You have to do something with the stuff


9. The signage quality is improving

Nice font choice. Makes her appear calm.


10. What’s the price on a 5 pound box of cockroaches?


11. Spray painting a vehicle is a popular option – Low energy, but really popular

12. Bonus points for the slashed tire


13. Pippa sounds kinda fun

14. Finally, car destruction without spray paint

15. Spray painted truck and a stuff dump

16. Does not appear to be his handwriting

17. Whoa, violating medical privacy laws… savage

18. Someone who isn’t risking the lawsuit


19. Enjoy the commute, Ryan?

free republic

20. Savage ink

21. Expensive Revenge

22. Not as expensive as a billboard

23. Savage revenge that waits until it’s most painful


24. This is gonna take some time


25. Petty social media spats. Grade: C-

26. Taking down the guilty at church? Grade: A+


27. Original Caption: “Pointed At My Ex’s House”

28. Spelling doesn’t count, but it is one less letter to clean


29. Slow, steady cellular savagery


30. Can’t imagine anything any MORE savage

This technically wasn’t revenge on an ex, but on a husband who told a joke she didn’t like. Still, couldn’t imagine anything worse.


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