The 5 Most Controversial Carl’s Junior Commercials Ever

by Mad Dog
Controversial carl's jr commercial

CARL’S JUNIOR—Ow ow! Carl’s Junior is known for their mouthwatering burgers and fries, but their commercials make our mouth’s water for a whole different reason. If you know what we mean. We put together a list of some of their sexiest and most controversial commercials for you to watch. Just make sure your browser is set to Private mode.

5. Kim Kardashian’s Chicken Salad Commercial

What can you say about Kim Kardashian? Nothing. You really can’t. Her jaw-dropping good looks are on perfect display here as she eats some delicious salad. Yummy yummy! Kanye West rocks and so does Kim. We hope the divorce goes well, you two Carl’s Junior freaks of nature.

4. Charlotte McKinney’s All-Natural Burger

Go off, Charlotte! You absolutely crushing it, girl. And you look great to boot. That’s an epic bite right there.

3. Emily Ratjkowski Eating Some SAUCY BBQ

Emily! Put some clothes on! You’re going to have to take a shower after this, and it’s gonna take hours to get all of that sauce out of your hair. For the love of God, listen to us please!

2. Paris Hilton Getting Downright Nasty

Paris Hilton is the queen of the Underworld. And she is munching on that Texas BBQ Thickburger like Hercules is coming down to stop her from releasing the Titans back onto Earth.

1. Kate Upton. Enough Said.

Kate Upton. ‘Nuf said, fellas.

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