The Sopranos’ Steve Schirripa And His Dog Are The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

by TheDuder95

NEW YORK, NY — If you’re looking to lift your spirits at the end of a long work week, look no further than the Instagram account of former Sopranos‘ actor Steve Schirripa. While the actor is known for playing tough and burly characters on TV, he’s got an incredible bond with his cute little dog that will bring a smile to your face.

We know there are a lot of amazing things on the Internet, but these two take the cake.

Schirripa, known best for his role as mobster “Bobby Baccalieri” on the iconic HBO show The Sopranos, has managed to set the internet aflame for his companionship with a lovable little Dachshund named Willie. The tiny little guy was adopted by the actor in 2019, and we’ve been loving him ever since.

When Schirripa isn’t on the set of Blue Bloods for his role as former NYPD detective turned investigator “Anthony Abetemarco,” he’s posting adorable photos and videos of his furry friend. Just look at these two.

If these two aren’t catching a Yankees game, they’re busy recreating iconic scenes from The Sopranos and we are absolutely here for it.

If you aren’t following Schirripa and Willie on their social media channels, what are you even doing with your life? Get on it!

You can thank us later.