These 10 “Life Hacks” Are Either Brilliant Or Will Ruin Your Life. You Tell Us!

by Tim K

Life hacks. One of the few tools known to mankind scientifically proven to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as make you a better, more powerful, more efficient specimen overall. Life hacks save you time, they save you money, they save you headaches… Hell, in a lot of ways, life hacks could even save your life…

…That is, unless you got a Very Bad Life Hack, which will have the opposite effect. A Very Bad Life Hack can land you in jail, dead in a gutter, or somewhere even worse, if there is such a place.

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between a Life Hack and a Very Bad Life Hack… but below, we’ve rattled off 10 options for you to sort out. Without further ado, good luck, one way or the other!

These Will Either Make You Or Ruin You. Let Us Know Which Is Which!

Hell yes, okay! Now get out there, Men’s Humorites, and try this shit out! And don’t forget to circle back and let us know how everything went in the comments! Thank you! Goodbye.

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