These 11 HONEST Slogans Got Us LAUGHING HARD Til Our Throats Kind Of Hurt

by Tim K

Slogans. Just about every product has one, and just about every one of ’em is pretty off-base. Luckily, though, we found these 11 HONEST slogans for everyday things that are so funny our throats and jaws hurt a little bit from laughing so motherfucking hard!

[WARNING: If you proceed beyond this point, you will laugh so hard that your stomach kinda hurts and your mouth feels all strained. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.]

Without Further Ado, Enjoy (Safely) These Awesome HONEST Slogans!

1. Yep!

Can't Ever Even Find It These Days

2. Nailed It, Yes, That’s Right

I Can Do Worse

3. My Mouth ALWAYS Hurts!

But At Least We Always Know Where The Salt Is

4. I Have Like 6 Or 7 TANGLED Slinkies In My Room! I See Them From My Desk Right Now Actually

Minutes... If You're Lucky.

5. Yup, Anyone Else Not Have Any Plates?

The Only Downside Is They Float Away Outside

6. Take A Bite Of The Box. Trust Me. It’s Actually Good If You’re Hungry Still, And Tastes Similar!

Honestly, Everyone On Earth Prefers Honey Nut

7. I Imagine Folks With A Degree Relate To This One!

Would've Been A Mcdonalds Worker Otherwise

8. Yep… Basically Everyone’s Hands At My Work…

The Only Good Part Of Elementary School Art Class

9. Anyone Else Still Play Wii Online?!?

Destroying TV's Since 2006

10. Yup. This Is Why I Keep All My Legos In My Dresser Drawers.

They're So Annoying To Clean Up Though...

11. So Real. SO real.

I've Seen More Dry Bottles Than Usable

Jaw hurt from laughing? I know mine hurts all the time! Thanks for stopping by. Goodbye.

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