These 16 Cursed Images Have One Goal: To Ensure You Don’t Sleep Tonight

by Tim K
horrifying simpsons cosplay

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, those are nice words. Pretty words. Beautiful words that tell beautiful stories. Other times, a picture speaks one thousand of the worst words you’ve ever heard. They combine to tell a story so haunting, so brutal, so grotesque that you can’t help but think about them for hours and hours afterward, playing the scenes over and over again in your mind, staring straight up at your bedroom ceiling, unable to sleep. These are called cursed images.

So, if you dare, scroll through these 16 photos (courtesy of the @cursedimaged Twitter account!) that were born to accomplish one single goal: To make it impossible for you to sleep tonight!

Get A Load Of These 16 Fucked Up Pictures I Was Just Telling You About:

1. Allergic To Jesus

2. Real Homer

3. They Have Something To Tell You

4. “Room For One More”

5. His Third Eye Sees Tragedies That Haven’t Happened Yet

6. Human Butter Knife

7. La Familia

8. Can’t Breathe

9. “We Are Eternal”

10. Little Nicky

11. Win XP

12. “We Can Make You Like This”

13. There Are Legs In There

14. Roommates

15. It Was A Regular Crucifix Yesterday

16. “It’s Never Night Here”

Yep, okay, well, there’s no doubt about it: These are cursed images to the max! Good luck sleeping tonight, Men’s Humorites! And remember, if you find yourself up in the wee hours of the night, feel free to circle on back to for all of your middle-of-the-night content needs! We promise we provide less horrifying content options. Mostly humorous content. Some fail content on occasion. But generally, we keep things on the lighter side over here at our little corner of the web.

Thank you! Goodbye.