These Cocky People Celebrated Way Too Early And The Results Were Hilarious

by TheDuder95

If you needed another reminder not to be a cocky asshole, then take a look at this list. These folks celebrated their Ws a little too early and ended up taking an L. The reddit thread r/Prematurecelebration is filled with instances of premature celebration and its absolutely hilarious.

Take a look below at some of the subreddit’s finest posts.

Damn he was about to crack open a new bottle but then the bottle cracked on him. Keep that hand on the bottom of the box next time brother. Never get cocky.

Always a bummer when you post a W on the timeline but end up taking an L.

Don’t use a smartphone to pull a dumb scam. It’s never going to work out in your favor.

Get a life bro!

No one could have guessed what was about to go down in 2020. No one.

Wonder if the literacy rate is higher than the rate of folks marrying their cousins?

7. Not sure what’s more lame: Rollerblading races or the way this skater lost

Just sad on multiple fronts. Nothing worse than a cocky rollerblader.

Hate to get political but she should have seen this L coming a mile away.

He must have literally been drinking right before this car accident.

Think they ate it?

*16 Billion Items

*(minus what’s in this trailer)

12. This is why you never post cooking videos online

Just leave it to the pros.

13. Damn at least he got to see a half hour for free. Check that time stamp.

He’ll just have to finish the rest of the movie once it’s up on Netflix.

Wonder how long this “engagement” lasted.

15. Facebook is now the #1 place to learn about people dying

Who needs obituaries anymore when you have Facebook walls?

16. Guessing this guy posted something similar about Gamestop

He should have sold before the dip.

Guessing this machine was outdated as soon they took it out of the box. Kind of like driving a new car off the lot.

18. They knew

Giving the phrase “insider trading” a whole new meaning. Who would want to play in St. Louis anyway?

19. The limo is still parked there

Sorry, Joe. You might have to wait a few more years for that pardon.

Sorry dude that’s what you signed up for.