21 Funny Dads Nailing The Whole Fatherhood Thing

by Gorman
dads funny mermaid

Ahh, dads and their jokes. They’re a vintage brand of humor that never seems to lose its bouquet. As much as it makes us cringe, we gotta give it up for the dads in our lives. Or, if you’re a dad yourself, revel in the awesomeness that is your birthright. Here are 21 dads who know exactly how to win this fatherhood thing.

On the flip side, this is sort of an ingenious way to teach your kid the ABCs.

The look of love when a child looks at their old man for the first time!

A toast? More like a whole loaf! A little dad humor for the dad humor list.

They call this the chosen dog.

That is the most real joy we have ever seen. It is earned.

Dads got the skills to pay the bills

He’s working SMART.

Daaaaaaaad, it’s my turn to rock!

He may be in the middle of a field with very little reception, but by god he has a good joke and he’s going to tell it!

Never a bad opportunity to insert a little comedy into a stressful situation.

THIS is good humor.

That’s called teaching your kid to have INITIATIVE. Good fathering, dad!

Dads gotta be proud of their kids in the nerdiest, weirdest ways possible.

You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants!

Rookie mistake…

The onion toenails…

It’s almost like the dad is photobombing the dog.

The horses ASKED to see the pictures! They understand the joys of fatherhood.

The branding guys behind this root beer brand had to know what they were getting into.

JK it’s just another bad joke opportunity! Fatherhood is all about the bad jokes.

He’s the merman of the house

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