These Sleep Talking Stories People Shared About Their Partners Are Hilarious

by TheDuder95

Have you ever caught your partner sleep talking? Or maybe you’re the chatty one in the relationship? Sleep talking can be a frightening experience or absolutely hilarious.

Folks on social media are posting about catching their partners talking in their sleep, and their stories are super funny. Check out all the absurd, funny, and creepy things said by sleep-talkers below!

1. This is an important thing to find out

Sometimes you just need to know if there’s going to be a buffet. Doesn’t even matter where.

We wouldn’t be able to recover from this either.

3. Easy mistake

This would probably be a deal breaker for most people.

4. Sounds scientific to us

Sometimes science is just that important.

This could be a good way for Aldi to keep their prices down.

You are clearly not safe bro.

Hey it’s a valid question.

8. The stuff of nightmares

First, what kind of sandwich? We talking Subway? Who knows what’s in those things. Super scary.

9. Sometimes you just have to take one for the team

Just let your boyfriend have a nice dream! He’s probably earned it!

10. This is why you shouldn’t take your work home with you

It’s just not healthy.

11. I’m innocent! Innocent I tell ya!

We plead the fifth on this one.

That’s the number one rule of working in a restaurant.

Your wife is just looking out for your muscle health. Be grateful.

Maybe they’re onto something. Someone get Maytag on the phone.

Sounds like a guy who is just looking out for his wife.