These Walruses Are Very Good Dancers And Possibly Very Miserable

by Gorman

Watching an animal dance is one of three things in this life that feels good. The other two are watching animals sleep and watching animals shit. Other than that, things can be pretty touch and go. Any animal is fun to watch, but the bigger and blubberyier the better. Enter these two walruses.

They’re dancing! What fun! This video is truly a panacea for the ills of the world.

That being said, are these guys ok? Because these two walruses are dancing to the Apple Pen song from, what, 50 years ago? And they look absolutely dead inside.

Are you guys ok?

First of all, where are they? They’re plopped out on maybe the saddest looking floor we’ve ever seen.

Honestly, though, we gotta address the fact that their dicks are very prominently hanging out. Their dicks are the real star of this show. The first thing you zero in on when you watch this vid are those lil dicks (actually maybe they’re huge, who knows.) Then your eyes kinda slide over to their pathetically sweet monster feet. They look like a couple of celery stalks made of out walrus meat.

However, the real magnitude of the situation crystalizes when you see their faces. Holy shit. Someone needs to give them a hug or just leave them alone. They look exactly like two kids being forced to perform in a school play about the founding fathers. And when you hear that sad little slapping sound when they clap their fins. Hoo, boy. Grim stuff

Of course, they may be having a ball. After all, we’re guessing they get some tasty fish after they enact this charade. Anything is worth doing for a little trout.

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