This Dude Is Definitely Getting Fired

by TheDuder95

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES — We all make mistakes on the job. Just because you mess up doesn’t mean you deserve to get fired. But for one auto shop employee in the Bay Area who went viral over the weekend, that’s definitely not the case. He is for sure getting fired over this.

Damn dude. We’ve all had bad days on the job. But we’ve never had a car just completely snap in half on us! Jesus Christ!

While we don’t know too much about the backstory of this tweet, it appears that the car was being prepped for a paint job at a body shop. What seems like a straightforward task for someone with experience ended in disaster. We simply have no idea what Twitter user @curvegodalex could have possibly done to wreck a car that bad.

Despite the clearly fireable offense, the tweet went insanely viral. It currently has over 40k Retweets and over 330k Likes. One can only hope for @curvegodalex’s sake that his boss respects Internet clout. That might be the only thing that saves him.

As the tweet took off online, folks clearly did not hold back on sharing their thoughts.

Not only did the car snap in half, but it leaked oil all over the goddamn place too. What a mess. Prayers up for this dude. He’s gonna need them.

Men’s Humor reached out to @curvegodalex for comment but he did not respond. We will update this article with a statement if we hear back.