This Hilarious Viral Challenge Has You Electro-Shock Your Wife While She Chugs A Beer

by Stevie
electroshock while chugging beer

What could possibly go wrong in this viral challenge? Well everyone seemed to be laughing, so the answer to that question didn’t much matter. It’s titled the Tens Unit Challenge, or the Tens Unit Beer Challenge. It’s fun to watch whether there is alcohol involved or not.

Check out this new viral challenge below


This is the best thing I’ve ever discovered

♬ original sound – Kingery

It was a challenge that had a little bit of traction on TikTok, but not enough to make national news. It was no Bernie meme. So you may have missed it. People strapped themselves in to a electro-charge massage device and set the level on ten.

Here is her husband in round one

Funny how he immediately assumes that someone is cheating on the charge unit and cranked it to max…

More gluttons for punishment jump on board…

“huhuhuh…she snorted”

“Just the tip, Cole!”

Come on, Cole. What’s the problem? This guy is my favorite.

Awareness of what it is like to live with Parkinson’s disease.

While we can’t really locate the initial start of the challenge. One man who suffers from the disease made a pretty cool observation about how it might be used for awareness.

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