This Is A Horrible Way To Start An Interview With A Celebrity

by TheDuder95

Aspiring journalists take note: this is not how you start an interview with a celebrity. This truly cringe inducing video should serve as a warning to anyone looking to get into the field of journalism. Take a look at this horrible introduction an interviewer made before talking to John Cusack.

Woof. We need to go take a shower or something after this awkward exchange. It’s just absolutely brutal.

While the interview clip is only 40 seconds long, it’s just long enough to make us feel sick over its awkwardness. All things considered, John Cusack handles the interaction pretty well. While it’s unclear why the interviewer thinks Cusack was in the film American Beauty, the Hollywood star plays it off really well.

John Cusack is a pretty popular actor luckily. Otherwise the mix up would have been pretty embarrassing for him. In hindsight, it’s also embarrassing that the interviewer was confusing him with star of American Beauty and now noted creep Kevin Spacey. That’s definitely not a good look nowadays.

Hollywood stars are probably used to doing hundreds of interviews whenever they release a new film. However, we bet you’d be hard pressed to find another interview that starts off this poorly. While we don’t know what happened to this prospective journalism student who skipped class to do this interview, but we do empathize with them at least a little bit. This interview maybe made us want to vomit up our lunch over its cringe-worthiness, but at the end of the day we all make mistakes.

We just don’t make mistakes so publicly nor do they go viral like this.