This Poodle Workout Is The Hottest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

by Gorman
mariko takahashi

Before you go nuts calling us a bunch of beast bumpers, you need to see this workout video. The instructor’s name is Mariko Takahashi and she has a beautiful bod- because it looks like a poodle. Every curve has us salivating! Her arms and legs are busting with personality, and by personality we mean round, orbular muscles. Yummy stuff!

But don’t whip your dicks out just yet, boys. There’s more poodle fun to explore.

The video was originally a promotion for the 2004 Olympics by Panasonic. It was created by pop artist and director Nagi Noda, who also portrayed Takahashi. The ten minute short film is truly surreal and wonderful. The film and dialogue is a shot for shot recreation of Susan Powter’s first workout video, but with one big difference- instead of people working out, we got poodles.

The video is made oddly poignant by the fact that Noda herself passed away a few years later. She was severely injured in a car accident and passed away from complications during surgery a year later.

Please honor the memory of this incredible artist by enjoying this bizarre and beautiful film. They say all dogs go to heaven, and we can bet Noda did too.

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