This Saudi Walter White Lookalike NEEDS A Best Friend Like Jesse Pinkman. Any Takers?

by Tim K

TV fans, unite! We got some absolutely spectacular news here. Per, Twitter is freaking out over this guy in Saudi Arabia who looks exactly like Walter White.

Ummm… yeah, that looks like a spitting image to us! Now where we can find him a teenager to become his best friend? Just like Jesse Pinkman in that show?! Any takers?

Earlier this week, Twitter exploded in response to photos of some strange man who happened to look insanely similar to THE Heisenberg.

Here, take a look for yourself:

Photo Courtesy of @13lofty Twitter account

Pretty eerie! But that’s not all. A VIDEO of this strange Saudi man had emerged shortly after the photos. As a result, everyone lost their damn minds.

The video begins with a snippet of Walter White during an episode of Breaking Bad, then pans over. After that, we land on the IRL Saudi man who looks just like The One Who Knocks.

Check out the video of Saudi Walter White below!

Translation, per Albawaba: “Oh my God! They look the same!”

Yep, there’s no doubt in our book. We absolutely NEED to find a weaselly little teenager to become best friends with this Saudi Walter White! That would, therefore, totally complete the package! Who’s got a younger cousin for this? Or maybe even a son?!

Above all, the mystery Walter White turned out to be a regular ol’ Saudi barista who resides in the Al Qatif region.

Translation, per Albawaba: “I would really like to go there, get some coffee, and grab a photo with him.”

But who cares about all that?! All we care about is finding the perfect teenage boy to become the unquestioned best friend of Fake Walter White.

Can you imagine? Some 17-year-old punk who secretly has a heart of gold, just like Jesse Pinkman, standing next to Saudi Walter White? After that, I’d sure as shit take a picture of that and send it to whoever I know who likes Breaking Bad!

So sick. In conclusion, here’s to hoping that Saudi Walter White can level up and find the Yin to his Yang in the shape of an adolescent man who wears baggy clothes. You know what to do, Men’s Humor Readers! Tag your nephews in the comments! Let’s do this!