U.S. Congressman One Ups Zoom Cat Lawyer, Appears Upside Down

by TheDuder95

Someone heard about the lawyer who showed up to a Zoom hearing as a cat and said “hold my beer.” It seems like we have a new technologically inept king on our hands, and his name is Congressman Tom Emmer. He appeared at a virtual congressional hearing completely upside down.

You’ve got to hand it to Emmer. He saw an opportunity to look even more dumb than the Zoom cat lawyer and he took it. Mad props to him for giving us all something to laugh at!

“You’re upside down, Tom.”

Emmer, a Minnesota Republican, appeared inverted after he joined a House Financial Services Committee hearing via video. Emmer seemed to have been trying to make a point about the gig economy during the hearing, but no one could focus on what he was saying. He just looked too stupid. It was probably distracting!

Emmer was quickly stopped by Chairwoman Maxine Waters, a California Democrat. “I’m sorry — Mr. Emmer? Are you OK?” When told by another participant, “You’re upside down, Tom,” Emmer replied, “I don’t know how to fix that.” Luckily, Emmer was able to get his shit together and participate in the rest of the hearing.

That didn’t stop folks at the hearing and online from quickly referencing the Texas lawyer who showed up to a virtual hearing disguised as a cat. Emmer even got in on the fun by tweeting about his technological mishap.

Tom probably had this whole thing planned. He saw how viral that lawyer went and thought it would be a good idea to try and top him. Emmer even added a weird background behind his upside down head. He clearly went all out.

You’d think almost a year into the pandemic there would be less of a learning curve for this sort of thing. Especially someone like a U.S. Congressman who has access to different staffers and other resources to help him figure something like this out.

Luckily for folks who enjoy a good laugh from time to time, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Bring on the tech fails. We are absolutely here for them.