Veterinarians Share Super Funny Names People Gave Their Pets

by TheDuder95
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Have a new pet and looking for some inspiration as you pick out a new name? Well then don’t read this list! These wild names people gave their pets will definitely make you scratch your head.

A bunch of veterinarians and other pet lovers shared a few of the weirdest names they’ve encountered during an Ask Reddit session the other day. The results were hilarious.

1. That just rolls off the tongue

Text - SassyTangerine123 22 hours ago O 2 10 e5 S 8 2 My old neighbors apparently thought it would be a good idea to let their 3 year old name their dog. The dog was named dump truck.

2. “Come here Titties Titties”

Text - WheezeTin 23 hours ago 25 e5 S 8 2 My friends aunt has a cat named Titties

3. Sure this wasn’t a mixup?

Text - RhydYGwin 23 hours ago · edited 19 hours . 24 & 22 More Obligatory, not a vet. I was in the vet's waiting room, and there was a puppy with a woman and a child. The puppy was named Dave, the child was Atari.

4. Pets with classic human names will never not be funny

Text - Lyndseyshe 23 hours ago O 2 S 2 2 I was once at the dog park and this lady kept yelling at her dog. "Kevin! Get over here Kevin!" "Let me take your picture, Kevin!" "Kevin!" Kevin was an old, overweight black lab. I still laugh when I think about it.

5. Cat sounding like a Civil War general

Text - butihavemyownmoney 23 hours ago edited 13 hours ago O 23 e3 S7 & 2 More Ex gf was a vet nurse. She came across a cat in the system called Horatio Bradshaw Roadwork.

6. “Come here Sexy! You dog you!”

Text - prouvairee 23 hours ago 3 36 3 Sexy - for a chihuahua. Just made the whole consultation very awkward.

7. People will always find new ways to be weird as hell when it comes to naming pets

<img src="" alt="Yellow – JeffersonSpicoli 1 day ago 9 @5 3 14 9. Clitsy 53.2k + I Reply Share Report Save CasperTFG_808 22 hours ago I had a customer named Clitty. I thought WTE must be hearing things so asked her to spell it out, she responds, "Sure, C. L. I. T. T. Y." I still didn't believe it and made a note to check the receipts following the service. Sure enough on her Visa receipt, Clitty

8. When it comes to pet names, keep it simple

Text - FourRosesVII 23 hours ago 2 O A My first pet that I can remember getting was a fish when I was about three or four years old. I named him Clock because I happened to be looking at a clock when my mom asked what I wanted to name him

9. We’re offended for you

Text - Text - redbaronthincrust 23 hours ago 22 3 2 & 4 More My dogs name was Freddie. The vet put it in as Freddy. I felt so ridiculous, and never told them 'thať's not how he spells his name."

10. You can do better than that. Come on!

Text - LeifErikson10 1 day ago 2 3 3 E My cat's name is shoe

11. Should have learned your lesson the first time and revoked naming rights from this kid

Text - Text - retina99 22 hours ago 2 & 8 More One of my boys wanted to name one of our dogs Meat Stack. (My son was 6 when we adopted the puppy). Same kid wanted to name his brother Turtle Flower when he was born. Needless to say he is not in charge of naming things in our household.

12. This is taking things a bit too far

Text - Text - hep632 22 hours ago 2 e2 S4 8 My cat's name in John Hinckley, Jr., because he was a stray that stalked me for a year and killed things to give me as offerings.

13. We definitely don’t want to meet this cat anytime soon

Text - Text - twitchy_taco 1 day ago · edited 15 hours ago a3 2 8 Not a vet, but my roommate's cat is named Feline Dion. I wanted to call her Chairman Meow. I ended up calling a stray in the neighborhood Chairman Meow instead and the personality matches.

14. Vincent is a cat name we can get behind

Text - Text - makopins 1 day ago Not a vet, but have worked with pets over the years. There was an old GSD named Wall-E, a Lhasa named Shitsky and a cat named Bird Dog. Best name ever was a one-eared Chihuahua mix named Vincent.

15. Monster Johnson is an icon

Text - Text - twerktwerk92 23 hours ago (@ 2 A cat named "Monster" which wouldn't be that bad.. Except that the family's last name was Johnson. Monster Johnson hahahaha.

16. This is just wrong. Pets deserve better

Text - Kharmaticlism 23 hours ago Vet tech here. Worst one was hands down "Tubgirl96." It was a name given to a sweet, young adult female cat. The owners thought they were funny.

17. This is just absurd

Text - Text - jellyresult 22 hours ago O 2 e Not a vet, but an owner. When my German shepherd goes in, I tell them he responds to Dog. His actual name is Dante, and he comes running when anyone even breathes it. But if I all I want to do is get him to look over to me or to stop whatever he's doing, I just say Dog. Also, he gets very very excited whenever anyone tells him he 'has fat butt disease' (The Office). He pushes you around with his big butt asking for scratches. Vets office staff seemed

We feel bad for some of these pets. But a lot of these names are downright hilarious. If you’ve got a pet with a weird name, sound off in the comments.

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