Waffle House Employees Fired After Pouring Food On Drunk Customer

by Mad Dog

GEORGIA—I hope you like some cheese with your hair, because this Waffle House customer got a serving of food to the face. According to police in Dekalb County, Georgia, employees of the chain poured a shit-ton of food on an intoxicated customer.

Good Lord! That’s messed up!

According to police, the employees made the passed out customer dance, and then proceeded to pour cheese, ketchup, and waffles all over the poor guy.

How do we feel about this?

Not good. This is a disgrace to the Waffle House brand. We love Waffle House more than our own families. Our cousins all work there and we think that’s sick as hell. Why would anyone ever do this?

Waffle House is a place where drunkenness should be welcomed by all.

Will we still go to Waffle House?

You bet your ass. We’re on our way right now. Time for some grubbing, Men’s Humor!