Want The Vaccine? Move To Indonesia And Become An Influencer

by TheDuder95

As COVID-19 vaccines begin to roll out all over the world, countries are working to determine who should get them. While many countries are prioritizing healthcare workers, Indonesia is targeting another group of people it considers “essential workers.”

Instagram influencers.

Wow. All it takes to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Indonesia is a solid IG presence? Men’s Humor has a few million followers. Maybe we qualify?

Instagram influencers get COVID-19 vaccine first? Really?!

Indonesia’s efforts to vaccinate Internet influencers might seem odd, but it’s actually part of a larger marketing campaign. The Indonesian government hopes that giving well-known celebrities the vaccine will boost awareness. They also hope to dispel any myths about the vaccine.

Indonesian television personality Raffi Ahmad, who boasts 50 million followers on Instagram, was the first influencer to participate in the campaign. “Alhamdulillah [Praise be to God] a vaccine … Don’t be afraid of vaccines,” the 33-year-old celebrity posted along with a video of him receiving the shot.

PHOTO: Raffi Ahmad on Instagram

Sounds like the entire Men’s Humor team is going to have to relocate to Indonesia to get that vaccine!

When news broke of Indonesia’s efforts to vaccinate influencers, folks on social media had a lot to say. So far the response appears to be rather mixed.

Only time will tell if Indonesia’s vaccination awareness strategy will work. With a recent rise in cases throughout the country (and most of the world) we hope it all pans out.

And if there are any Indonesian influencers who don’t want to get the vaccine, Men’s Humor will gladly take their place.