WATCH: A Small Person (Child? Adult? Can’t Tell) Dressed As Chucky Is Terrorizing NYC

by Tim K
person dressed as chucky

New York City. The highs are high, the lows are low, and the internet just got a brutal reminder of the latter: A smallish person (unclear whether it’s a child or adult) dressed as the Chucky doll from ‘Child’s Play’ is acting all wild and weird on NYC subways.

Ah, New York! What a place. Sometimes it’s as awesome and epic as HBO’s ‘Girls,’ and other times there’s a little tiny guy grabbing at you on the subway and everyone’s just kinda watching and filming on their phones.

New York!

Check Out The Chucky Attack Below!

Yep. That’s New York, alright. One minute you get to see the ACTUAL restaurants they ate at in HBO’s ‘Girls,’ the next you’re getting your ankle bit by a strange child or grown adult, tough to tell.

Needless to say, the video is making the rounds on Twitter, and the reaction has been huge.

Check Out Twitter’s Reaction To The Weird, Slow Attack Below!

Ah, New York, New York! The place where you can feel like, “My life is basically an episode of HBO’s ‘Girls,'” is the very same place something like THIS can happen! Only real New Yorkers understand, or the folks who move there and live there for a while! This is just the way it is, and we love that!

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