WATCH: Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested Following Dramatic Parkour Performance in Downtown Phoenix

by Staff Writer
robbery suspect on wire

PHOENIX – Am armed robbery suspect was taken into custody by local authorities after a crazy police pursuit.  The antics of the suspect led to a standoff allowing people to observe a truly impassioned parkour performance. The shirtless suspect continued to delight onlookers with camera phones. 

 Whoa dude! That one episode of The Office really resonated with you didn’t it? It was just the cold open but you laughed and laughed and laughed. But then something deep inside of you was stirred, wasn’t it?

Yep, that’s the episode we mean.  You must have been very young and impressionable when you saw it.  I can imagine you sitting there watching it with your older sister screaming “GIVE ME THE REMOTE!” 

But you weren’t giving it up. You sat there and longed for the day that you could become Andy Bernard landing safely in a refrigerator box.  We know that cut away from the awkward moment when he landed… but you knew.  You knew that Nard -dog was your hero.  

And when the time came you delivered your own The Office cold open reenactment of a lifetime.

Thanks for the video – Fox 10 Phoenix!

According to the Fox 10 Phoenix report, the suspect was taken to the hospital for minor injuries following the incident.  It is clear to see, however, that it was the Po-Po that caused those injuries.

The parkour was flawless.

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