WATCH: Bro… really gonna just sit there and let this keep happening?

by Staff Writer
bad tattoo video

What the hell is going on? Maybe he isn’t looking because he doesn’t like needles. Perhaps he wants to be surprised? Possibly this is part of the process?

Someone please explain how this kind of thing happens.

I’m guessing I don’t have the the ability to appreciate good art when I see it. This has to be me, right? My uncultured ass just doesn’t know good ink when I see it.

How else you going to explain this?

Watch this and explain it:

You are at a loss for words now, right? I’ve seen so many picture of funny and bad tattoos that I thought I wouldn’t be floored by this. But to see some guy sit there with every opportunity to say “Stop, dude, just STOP!” — and do NOTHING!

Maybe it’s some sort of Stockholm syndrome. Is it possible he knows his captor is doing his best and he just can’t bring himself to speak up? It is possible his mask is covering the fact that his mouth is stitched shut. The quick glances the video gives us of this guy’s face, just maybe, doesn’t reveal that he is blind as a damn bat!

Someone rip the needle out of this guys hand!