WATCH: Creed Had The Best Half-Time Show In NFL History

Scott Stapp

Everyone is preparing for the 2021 Super Bowl match-up between the Chiefs and the Buccaneers. Folks around the country are getting their chips n’ dips ready, and double-reinforcing their toilets for the post-game squirts. Aside from football players and toilets, pressure’s also on The Weeknd to make the half-time show one to remember. The question on everyone’s minds right now? Can he live up to the Creed performance at 2001’s Thanksgiving NFL game?

Watch Creed bring an entire stadium of big greasy football fans to tears below

Can you take me higher, you ask, Scott Stapp?

No. There’s no getting higher than this performance, Mr. Stapp. This is the highest it gets. You transfigured millions and millions of viewers across the country with your soaring vocals and triumphant rock n’ roll, and we haven’t been the same since.

No wardrobe malfunction or cameo-studded half-time show can live up to the image of a bald man flying over the gridiron.

#KrazyL YouTube

The grainy, low-quality recording only adds to the lore of how other-worldly this show must’ve been.

It was autumn 2001. A different time in America. 9/11 was still a fresh, raw wound on the psyche of the American people. Thanksgiving came around. Our nation, rocked to its fucking core by the most deadly attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, needed healing.

Then, came along a little band we all know as Creed. At the peak of their fame, 9/11 stole the spotlight from Creed-mania and threatened the band’s relevancy in the public consciousness. Scott Stapp and his boys knew they had to bring it. And boy oh boy, they brought it and then some.

Watch Creed’s 2001 half-time show just once, and it’s no wonder the American people immediately forgot about 9/11 afterwards.

Thank you Scott, for healing the United States with the power of Christian rock music. We can only hope The Weeknd takes notes from your performance and brings together a divided, terrified country once again!