WATCH: See Andy Reid As An ENORMOUS 13 Year-Old In This 1971 Punt-Pass-Kick Competition

13 year old andy reid

Everyone knows Chief’s coach Andy Reid as the walrus-mustached grandpa he is today. It’s an utterly iconic look. As we prepare for the Chiefs to face off against the Buccaneers in today’s Super Bowl long-awaited matchup, we’d like to take a look back at how far along Andy Reid has come in life. He wasn’t always an NFL coaching legend: he was also an ENORMOUS 13 year-old boy at one point in his life. This clip from a 1971 punt-pass-kick competition proves it.

Brace yourself: this child is the size of an orca. To our 13 year-old readers who have not broken 6 feet yet, you’ve been warned.

Check out Andy Reid as a gargantuan child in the video below!

Hoo, baby. That child-version of Andy Reid is a god damn behemoth!

Adolescent Andy has got dad proportions while the rest of his competitors appear as ants in comparison. These puny little dust mote children are basically microscopic next to the god damn Jolly Green Giant-sized Andy.

Was Andy Reid born this large? Like, did he have a nightclub bouncer’s build straight-out-of-the-womb? All signs point to the answer being “yes, he has been an eternal hefty fella and then some.”

What a beast. We’re ecstatic to know Andy never decided to get smaller because of peer pressure or something. Committing to being large is just one reason why he’s leading NFL teams to Super Bowl victory and triumph while the rest of us watch from the toilets in our homes. Win or lose, Men’s Humor dedicates our Super-Bowl-snack-quirts to you this evening, Mr. Reid. We’re currently dabbing as a tribute to your excellency!

Andy, you represent the best of men, and we wish you the best of luck in tonight’s game.

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