WATCH: SpongeBob Voice Actors Dub Classic Hollywood Movies (So Good!)

don corleone

You’re going to want to lay a towel underneath you before watching this video, because you are going to piss yourself silly laughing. The voice actors behind SpongeBob SquarePants used their vocal talents to dub classic Hollywood films, and the results are utterly amazing. Tighten your adult diapers, Men’s Humor family, because we are about to let the piss-gates open. It’s time to giggle at your computer screen and urinate all over yourself.

Watch SpongeBob voice actors dub silver screen legends below!

Oh boy. We just threw all our clothes in the wash because of all the piss that burst out of us. Are you soaked with urine too? Sorry, but wasn’t this hilarious video worth it?

If your wife is screaming at you for ruining your carpet with Laughter Piss, here is an apology note you can write on a napkin and slide under the bathroom door while she’s taking a dump or shaving her boobs.

Hi Wife Of Mine,

I understand that you are upset with me for pissing all over the computer chair and yellowing up the carpet. Please know it is because I watch an amazing video on Men’s Humor, the website. It was a YouTube link that led to a video of SpongeBob voice actors doing funny voices over classic films. It was so, so funny.

I hope you understand why I pissed everywhere now. Please forgive me, and maybe you and I can load this video up on our iPad later tonight and watch it together. We can place the iPad on the floor and look down at the video while holding both hands above it. Wouldn’t that be marriage?


Hubbo Of Yours

Hopefully that fixes any problems that may arise from your bodily fluids erupting out of you because of the hilarious video content a few paragraphs above!

Alright, take ‘er easy. See you in the next article.

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