Watch This Lawn Mower Defy The Laws Of Physics (Is This Alien Technology?!)


Whoa. Fullpull7 on YouTube caught something on tape that rivals any leaked UFO footage you’ve ever seen. This is some The X-Files level phenomena, and quite frankly, it’s causing us to question everything we’ve ever been told by the government in regards to the existence of non-human intelligence in our solar system. Clearly, it’s real, it’s here, and John Deere has harnessed its power.

WARNING: This video may be disturbing to people who aren’t ready to have the foundations of their beliefs rocked to their absolute core.

To Men’s Humor readers who work in the field of physics, how do you explain this? You can’t. Your universal laws of science belong in the trash, because this proves it all wrong.

As scared we are, we admit that we’d love to use this technology to mow our lawn. We are willing to submit to the will of extra-terrestrial invaders on the condition that they give us a push-mower with this ability. Give us the mower, and you can have our free will. Fair? We think so!

Below, watch how our wife cuts the lawn now. Her method is graceful, but inefficient. Scything is an old human technology that belongs in the past. We’d like to give her a mower for her birthday.

We think our wife would LOVE the physics-defying push-mower in the video above the video above. Help us make that a reality by admitting you’ve made contact with alien intelligence, John Deere. It’s the least you could do!

Either way, we salute John Deere for making contact with aliens before anyone else. That is simply epic!