Middle School Weezer Cover Goes Horribly Wrong

by Staff Writer
four kids on stage

This video was uploaded to Youtube back in 2014. That means these kids are now adults. So we can feel free to laugh as hard as we want. The laughs are now legal. Don’t feel bad about it. The Weezer cover goes horribly wrong… but it’s awkwardly hilarious.

We have a few questions. But, before we ask them, we should give the video a view.

Weezer Unplugged


The drummer could have come thru with a hilarious tension-breaking laugh-moment had he only had the presence of mind to give the crowd a “buh dum tsss.” Could you imagine? Would have stopped the show right then. Bring out the trophy and the Sonic gift cards.

Biggest Question: How did nobody in that crown laugh out loud? You figure there would be at least one person there with my sense of humor. Even if the people who found it funny had self control, what about all the people who fill every awkward silence in life with laughter as a defense mechanism? Where are those weirdos?

Greatest Question: Did the keyboardist do this on purpose? The timing of the keyboard dropping right in sync with the singing starting… brilliant! Timing of a real comic genius! The real failure of this might be the crowd not realizing that this was sketch comedy at its finest. These kids simply needed to find their way to the alt room.

It was nice that an actual member of the band Weezer was able to make time to step in and make an awkward joke. This only adds to the theory that this was a completely planned skit. How else would the Weezer band member have been right there?

Either way. WOuld love to hear the behind the music documentary of this one when it finally comes out. Maybe we can hear the back story behind the pinky cast on dude playing bass.

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