We’re Putting Out A Warrant For The Arrest Of This Woman And Her Nasty Nacho Recipe

nasty nachos

Some freaks just don’t know when to quit. Take it from us. We found this video of a woman making some sort of nasty nacho recipe that is sure to ruin your day. Get Dog The Bounty Hunter on the line, because we putting out a warrant for this woman’s arrest. We’re talking life sentence. Maybe even solitary confinement. Whatever it takes for her to apologize for destroying the easiest food there is to make.

Watch this nasty nacho recipe unfold below

You freak. What on EARTH are you doing to that table?! You are not Jackson Pollock, ma’am. Rather, you are under arrest! That is exactly what you are.

Get a plate, FREAK!

God damn. We’re pissed. Food is good and she made food BAD. Unacceptable.

Guantanamo is too good for this wretch. Send her to that boat where young Scientologists do labor. Something like that is much more fitting for her.

At Men’s Humor, we value greasy food above all else. Seeing this done to greasy food is like a mother watching her newborn baby dunked through a basketball hoop before she even gets to hold the child. It’s an assault on our mind and beer-bellies. Fuck this situation. It’s bumming us out so much. We don’t cry. But we’re crying now. UGH

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