‘What did I just see?’: Optical Illusion Poodle Freaks Out First Glance Sasquatch Watchers

by Staff Writer
poodle in snow

Certainly you remember when stuff like this has happened before. Sometimes it causes a big argument because people cant’s agree with what they are looking at. An optical illusion poodle photo (or whatever) will emerge and smack us around every now and then.

Remember in 2015 when someone posted that dress that had color bind people calling out some kind of racism? I don’t know, maybe I remember it wrong. I just remember I was right and my wife was wrong. It was gold and my wife still won’t admit her mistakes with any kind of grace.

Then there was something that happened with a bottle of white out on some girls legs in 2016. Were they oily? Were they not oily?

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She definitely just spilled office supplies.

Just as recently as a few days ago something tried to be a bit of a controversy. This one had people disowning each other over an avocado seed that may or may not have been there.

Here is the latest that has people buzzing of facebook.

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The image that is blowing people minds at first glance on facebook: Source: Everybody on facebook

Shared to multiple groups on facebook Wednesday, this photo has quickly escalated to thousands of comments with users giving testimony about what they saw at first glance.

There is no lingering argument over whether this is actually Bigfoot emerging from a snowy scene. But that first glance is freaking people out.

Obviously it’s a black poodle. Or it’s a utility worker. Or it’s slender man.

Most have some version of “I saw this dude running away and then as i was staring at it … IT TOTALLY MORPHED INTO A DOG!”

Cool trick, eyeballs, cool trick.

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